Annual Family Christmas Party


 Please mark your calendars


As usual we will have some very special guests arriving! 


Date:  Sat Dec 13, 2008


Time: 5:00 p.m.


Where:  Mike & Anne's House 



If you would like directions,  please ask for them when you email me and I will send them).   


RSVP: Please let us know if you can make it.


 We will enjoy our traditional Roast Beef family dinner with all the extras!  I  have made a list of items that we need but if you would like to substitute any of these foods for something else, just let me know.   As family makes me aware what they are bringing I will delete items from list.  We are planning to have a sit-down meal so cross your fingers! Also, please NO NUTS OR SEAFOOD due to serious allergies. 


Please pick an option and email back to advise what you will be bringing:


Option 1: Garden Salad (or Coleslaw) and Vegetable Tray


Option 2: Caesar Salad and Cheese & Crackers


Option 3: Fruit Tray and 2 dozen dinner rolls


Option 4: Potato dish (hot)


Option 5: Potato  dish (hot)


Option 6: Vegetable Dish (hot) and 1 dozen dinner rolls


Option 7: Vegetable Dish (hot) and 1 dozen dinner rolls


Option 8: Jello Salad & Bean Salad (or interesting salad of  your choice)


Option 9: Pop - 3 cases  (Pepsi/coke, diet Pepsi/Coke, Sprite)


Option 10. Pop - 3 cases (Pepsi/Coke, Gingerale, optional flavour)


Option 11. Assorted bags of Potato Chips

   Merry Christmas